This is the era ...

of the Showjumper and the Eventer, although at Deards Stud we try to remember that many more horses are used for all round competition work, leisure riding and hunting. Every Stud wants to produce a "world beater", but we like to think that we cater for everyone with well-bred, athletic youngsters, capable of competing in whatever equestrian activity the purchaser enjoys.

Deards Stud breeds Thoroughbreds and 7/8th Thoroughbreds for eventing and racing, and purebred Irish Draughts. However, we specialise in the quality halfbred using a good type of Irish Draught horse, either as a sire or dam, crossed with a Thoroughbred. The Draught element provides inherited jumping ability, kind temperament and substance.

The traditional approach by Irish breeders was the Thoroughbred sire put on the mare of the farm, be she half-bred or pure bred Draught. Recently more breeders have decided to put the Sport Horse or the Draught sire on the Thoroughbred mare. This is providing to be a successful cross.

At Deards Stud we take great pride in our breeding stock, especially our youngsters, and we invite you to Chesnut Rise Farm, our home in Warwickshire, to see them for yourself.